Best Gadgets Of 2016

3 New Devices That Will Knock your Socks Off

When it comes to new gadgets and advanced technological developments, the best place to see them is at the Consumer Electronics Show held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event is the biggest electronics and technology trade show in the world. That said, it serves as the platform where major companies and independent inventors unveil their latest creations.

This year’s edition of the event was interesting because dozens of new gadgets were announced and presented. We believe that some of those unveiled are among the best gadgets of 2016.

Three of these new devices are particularly innovative.


They are as follows :

1) The Rollable OLED by LG Electroncis

So you think your thin and flat screen TV is cool? Wait until you see what this new invention by LG can do.

This innovative screen is basically a screen that you can roll like a yoga mat. When the time comes wherein this technology becomes available to the public, it’s going to revolutionize the electronics industry.

Just imagine a smart phone or tablet in your hand which you can roll into a small tube.

That is what the future will look like with this piece of new technology.

2) The ONAGOfly Nano Drone

drone-1006886_640The market for drones has exploded during the last few years.

However, most of the drones being sold today are bulky and very susceptible to damages.

These two problems don’t exist with the ONAGOfly Nano Drone.

This is a very small drone that can fit in your palm. It also comes with several features including a high-resolution camera, GPS navigation capabilities, instant take-off and landing, and a built-in app that allows you to share images and videos instantly. Not only that, it’s also installed with a software program that allows it to avoid obstacles.

In short, it has the intelligence to maneuver around walls, trees, and other obstacles.

3) The Prizm

This new gadget is a must-have for people who love discovering new

It turns any speakers into a thinking music player.

What you get is the device that’s designed like a pyramid and an app that you need to download and connect to your music streaming accounts. The device also works as a music recommendation gadget. Two sides of the Prizm have a heart and cross sign.

If you like the song, tap on the heart sign. Tap on the cross sign if you don’t like the song. The gadget will take your likes and dislikes, analyze the data, and recommend to you songs you might like.

These three devices are without a doubt some of the best gadgets of 2016. They are innovative and they make use of technology that hasn’t been used before.

These gadgets should definitely be in your radar.