All You Need To Know About Hippo CMMS


Most companies today have embraced the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). As such, to satisfy the demand for computerized management systems, software developers have been quick to offer this new market a solution. One such innovation is the CMMS software solutions by Hippo that can be employed in the health, education, and manufacturing industries just to mention a few. It gives you the opportunity to monitor your business operations easily through its detailed and interactive dashboard. Moreover, it is also customizable to make management easily.

Key FeaturesaSsZDcA

Besides the ability to customize it to suit your preferences, it also allows the user to import drawings, floor plans and other equipment for effective asset management. The standard hippo dash provides information about the data-driven listing. The interactive calendar also allows for coordinated scheduling along with other workplace optimization activities.

If you are worried about work order management, hippo CMMS that all orders are tracked seamlessly. Tracking these orders is made even easier but its interactive mobile app that lets workers give real-time updates even when they are on the move. If you are interested or looking for the status of a certain order, custom filters ensure you get the data you need whenever you want.


Easy to learn

Being a software, most people especially those close to retirement might feel that keeping up with technological developments is not their thing. With Hippo’s CMMS, anyone can learn how to use this software at ease. Even the most novice users can master it just after a couple of short courses. In case there are areas you are no so comfortable with, they have a technical support team you can rely on.


aSaSxcAaSUsers in the manufacturing industry attest to the fact that scheduling preventive maintenance is very convenient with this software. Other users appreciate the ease at which they can use the reporting functions. Most users also enjoy the convenience that comes with its terms of service. The monthly payment plans do not tie you down into a long contract, just in case you want to adopt another system.

Hippo’s CMMS system is a software that is easy to learn and use. It’s intuitive and customizable dashboard makes the process of managing your workflow in the best way possible. If you are worried about the terms and condition of service, you only pay on a monthly basis just in case you do not want to use it for a long time.