Communication in the 21st Century


Technology is advancing faster than many of us can even imagine. People are getting the latest smartphones and tablets. Desktop computers are slowly disappearing from homes and offices. Almost everyone is connected now to the internet. We all know that in the past, having a land phone in our home or office was important and was a great way of communicating with our family friends and associates. However, this too is now changing thanks to the internet.

Why are land phones becoming obsolete?kkrej

In the past, if you have incoming and outgoing telephone lines in an office, you required a PABX to help transfer calls to a particular extension within the office. But what is a PABX? It is a huge piece of equipment which helps switch or connect calls to different lines and also manages incoming and outgoing telephone lines. All this hardware takes a lot of space and requires maintenance.


This is a revolutionary technology which uses the internet to make telephone calls. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it basically converts analog signals from the origin to digital signals and sends them through the internet, and this signal will be decoded into analog so that the receiver will hear the other party. Many companies that provide these services also offer Unlimited DID Services to their clients at extremely competitive rates.

The Benefits of VOIP

If your company makes a lot of international calls to suppliers of customers on a daily basis, this technology will suit you well. It will give you the benefits of making many calls at a fraction of the cost when compared to a regular phone call.


htelkhlkhYou do not need to have a PABX in your office as most VoIP providers will offer virtual services that will be similar and you will not have to maintain bulky hardware anymore. In fact, since most people nowadays have smartphones, these extensions can be programmed to connect to them so that there will actually be no requirement for desk phones.


With this technology, the cost of communication for your company will go down tremendously. You can halve your telephone bill in the first month and sometimes, you can even pay much lower. Many VoIP companies offer packages with unlimited calls to certain regions or countries, and this will allow you to relax and make that business call correctly without having to worry about your phone bill.