Determining whether you have outgrown your web hosting plan

web hosting

When it comes to web hosting, you just need to choose the bandwidth and disk space, and you will be up and running in no time.  Before, you had to deal with limitations that were set. Nowadays, there are plenty of choices at your disposal. Choosing hosting that offers a lower cost could seem like it is a rational choice but it could have consequences for your business. UnoEuro kuponkode has your back in all matters patterning to web hosting plans. Here are five questions that you should take into consideration to help you know if you have outgrown your web hosting.

What are the load times?

load times

The load speed refers to the speed in which your site loads. The load speed is important because a faster loading site will give users a better experience.  Users do not like waiting for the website to load.  The website design can determine the load speed. Speeding up the site can be expensive and requires a lot of time. The web hosting you choose could also affect your loading speed.  Upgrading to your hosting plan could help improve the load speed.

Are your neighbors noisy?

Noisy neighbors will affect your neighborhood. In the same way, if you are on a web hosting that offers unlimited bandwidth for a few dollars. It could be a real problem since there will be other people on that server.  They could also be running hundreds of RAM for their affiliate sites. There will be neighbors who will be hogging the critical resources of the server and thus affect the server performance.

What is the reputation of the IP?

In case the server you are using has been found to host malware, its IP address will be blacklisted.  It could affect many factors like search ranking and email deliverability.  You can use the relevant software to help you monitor the IP. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Do you have slow performance during the peak times?

peak times

If you are on a shared hosted server, then you can start to notice that it has become a bit slow especially if you have a busy E-commerce site. When you are on a shared hosting, then you will have to share resources like RAM, and even CPU. You will have to be in the queue waiting for your time. The sluggish performance will annoy your visitors who will not wait forever for the website to load.  Thus, it will cost you a lot of sales.