5 Tips for buying the best smartphone 2016

Buying the best smartphone 2016 can be quite tricky due to the various operating systems, numerous specifications, types of connectivity and other features that you should consider.


There are certain things that you should know before deciding which smartphone will suit you best.

The following smartphone buying tips will help you make a decision.

· Check the processor

The processor is an essential part of a smartphone device.

You should pay attention to two things when it comes to the processor of a smartphone; the clock speed and the number of cores.

Top rated smartphones in 2016 have multiple cores therefore, if you find one that does not have multiple cores, it is probably a low-end device and it will be probably cheaper.

The number of cores tells you how many processor parts can run at the clock speed listed. The clock speed on the other hand tells you how fast each core can process information.

If you know the clock speed, multiply it with the number of cores to get the maximum processing speed of the device.

· Check the internal storage, RAM, ROM

iphone-518101_640Random access memory (RAM) and Read only memory (ROM) are vital parts in any smartphone device.

They both store information.

ROM stores more important information and it faster compared to RAM but its internal storage capacity is smaller.

RAM is used to store much more information and it also stores the data of currently running programs.

The more the RAM, the higher the quality of the smartphone device is. More RAM allows you easily switch between lots of running applications.

· Check the external storage

Besides the internal storage, smartphones also have a slot for a micro-SD that allow users to increase the available storage space without incurring the high cost associated with increasing the internal storage of the device.

If you will not need to install many applications, and you will mostly use the device for photos and music, then a smartphone with an SD card will be perfect for you.

· Consider the screen size

If you carry your phone in a purse or a large pocket, then a phablet can work for you.navigation-1048294_640

A larger smartphone is ideal for so many things like watching videos, browsing the web and playing games because you can easily read or watch content as it fits well on the screen.

A major drawback of smartphones with large screens is bigger power demand.

On the other hand Smartphones with a smaller screen are portable and they consume less battery.

· Check the other sensors and connections you will need

There are so many other ways to connect other than using the mobile connections.

Knowing the sensors and connections that you will need and what they do helps you to decide which smartphone will work best for you.

The common ones are; NFC, Wi-Fi, Infrared, USB and Bluetooth.