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What Is The Best Cell Phone Tracker App For Android?


Nowadays, security has become a major concern to many people.

If you have a smartphone, perhaps an android, you would like to keep it secure and track it when stolen or when not in your possession.

Also, you might be interested in tracking the activities of your child/spouse without their consent or you just need to keep an eye on the performance of your assets.

Well, the good news is that there are some outstanding applications with crazy features that allows android devices to send secret messages, calls, or track down someone’s location with just a click of a button.

However, a good number of people in possession of android cell phones do not know some of these apps, and that is why this question is quite common: what is the best cell phone tracker app for android?

The best tracker applications for Android powered cell phones

As stated in the introductory section, you can install a tracker in your smartphone for security related purposes.

Herein below are some of best 2016 tracker apps for android that can be download at the android market store for free:

#1. The Cell Tracker

If you need to track someone, like a sale rep or a delivery guy for your business, then what you need to do give them a company phone with a Cell Tracker installed in it.

The above app automatically collects the location of an android device holder through GPRS or WiFi every 15 minutes.

#2. The Children Tracker

Children Tracker is another great android app that is ideal for tracking your child’s whereabouts.

Perhaps, it is a great tool for children’s safety.

After installing the app on the phone, you need to lock or hide it, thereafter, track the phone online.

#3. The Secret Agent

This is another amazing android tracker that comes with a complete toolbox that every spy agent need to have.

It contains outstanding sensors features and tools.

For instance, it has a spy torch, a compass, secret audio recording, a spectrum analyzer, infrared-style camera filter, and many more.

The list of the best tracker apps for android powered devices is just endless.

Indeed, other apps that offer amazing experience include the Secret Agent Fake Call, the Spy Video Recorder, the Secret Calls, the Spy Message, the Sneaky Cam, the Mobile Hidden Camera, and the Ear Spy.

In general all of the above apps offer a state-the-heart tracking features that you need to consider for the safety and security of your assets, children, spouse, or your android smartphone.