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Choosing the Best Laptop Stand


With the improvements in the field of technological innovations across the globe, many people today use laptops in their offices as well as at their homes for various purposes. Consequently, the users often find it difficult to operate laptops because they need one to bend down or take particular positions when typing or reading on them, which may be uncomfortable and can lead to health complications. For this reason, manufacturers have developed table stand to help with the problem of discomfort and heat generated when laptops are on so that the laptop stand cools your laptop and keep your body in a better position. It is advisable to have a laptop stand because hunching over to see your computer isn’t fun. Therefore, it is critical that you pick the greatest laptop stand to achieve these two important goals.

Great tips


jhhjhjhjhjThe first essential element you need to factor in when selecting a laptop stand is the characteristics it possesses. They vary in size and portability, aspects that determine the flexibility and the space the table stand will give you should you purchase one. It is vital to buy a laptop stand that consumes less space of your office or at home because it will give you adequate flexibility to work at the preferred spot on near a window. Secondly, consider choosing one that is portable because it will enable you to carry it around either when traveling or when moving from home to office or from workplace to conferences. Some of them are bulky and may not be ideal for people with small spaces in their workplaces or those who travel a lot during their work.


Another important factor when picking a laptop stand in the market is the cost that it attracts. Amazon provides the prices of several of them that you look out for and choose from based on your budget. The best should be able to offer you quality at a reasonable price.

Market review rating

jjhjhjhjhjhThe second significant consideration when it comes to selecting a laptop stand is the remarks and response that other laptop users who have bought them in the past have to report about them. Customer reviews concerning the functionality and quality of a laptop stand are essential because you can have and overview about the pros and cons of one as well as the rating it has attracted in the market. Once you have looked at what other user are saying about a product, you can make an informed decision regarding the choice you make. The ratings range from zero to five stars, and the best laptop stand is that which attract the highest stars compared to others.

What Is The Best Cell Phone Tracker App For Android?


Nowadays, security has become a major concern to many people.

If you have a smartphone, perhaps an android, you would like to keep it secure and track it when stolen or when not in your possession.

Also, you might be interested in tracking the activities of your child/spouse without their consent or you just need to keep an eye on the performance of your assets.

Well, the good news is that there are some outstanding applications with crazy features that allows android devices to send secret messages, calls, or track down someone’s location with just a click of a button.

However, a good number of people in possession of android cell phones do not know some of these apps, and that is why this question is quite common: what is the best cell phone tracker app for android?

The best tracker applications for Android powered cell phones

As stated in the introductory section, you can install a tracker in your smartphone for security related purposes.

Herein below are some of best 2016 tracker apps for android that can be download at the android market store for free:

#1. The Cell Tracker

If you need to track someone, like a sale rep or a delivery guy for your business, then what you need to do give them a company phone with a Cell Tracker installed in it.

The above app automatically collects the location of an android device holder through GPRS or WiFi every 15 minutes.

#2. The Children Tracker

Children Tracker is another great android app that is ideal for tracking your child’s whereabouts.

Perhaps, it is a great tool for children’s safety.

After installing the app on the phone, you need to lock or hide it, thereafter, track the phone online.

#3. The Secret Agent

This is another amazing android tracker that comes with a complete toolbox that every spy agent need to have.

It contains outstanding sensors features and tools.

For instance, it has a spy torch, a compass, secret audio recording, a spectrum analyzer, infrared-style camera filter, and many more.

The list of the best tracker apps for android powered devices is just endless.

Indeed, other apps that offer amazing experience include the Secret Agent Fake Call, the Spy Video Recorder, the Secret Calls, the Spy Message, the Sneaky Cam, the Mobile Hidden Camera, and the Ear Spy.

In general all of the above apps offer a state-the-heart tracking features that you need to consider for the safety and security of your assets, children, spouse, or your android smartphone.

5 Tips for buying the best smartphone 2016

Buying the best smartphone 2016 can be quite tricky due to the various operating systems, numerous specifications, types of connectivity and other features that you should consider.


There are certain things that you should know before deciding which smartphone will suit you best.

The following smartphone buying tips will help you make a decision.

· Check the processor

The processor is an essential part of a smartphone device.

You should pay attention to two things when it comes to the processor of a smartphone; the clock speed and the number of cores.

Top rated smartphones in 2016 have multiple cores therefore, if you find one that does not have multiple cores, it is probably a low-end device and it will be probably cheaper.

The number of cores tells you how many processor parts can run at the clock speed listed. The clock speed on the other hand tells you how fast each core can process information.

If you know the clock speed, multiply it with the number of cores to get the maximum processing speed of the device.

· Check the internal storage, RAM, ROM

iphone-518101_640Random access memory (RAM) and Read only memory (ROM) are vital parts in any smartphone device.

They both store information.

ROM stores more important information and it faster compared to RAM but its internal storage capacity is smaller.

RAM is used to store much more information and it also stores the data of currently running programs.

The more the RAM, the higher the quality of the smartphone device is. More RAM allows you easily switch between lots of running applications.

· Check the external storage

Besides the internal storage, smartphones also have a slot for a micro-SD that allow users to increase the available storage space without incurring the high cost associated with increasing the internal storage of the device.

If you will not need to install many applications, and you will mostly use the device for photos and music, then a smartphone with an SD card will be perfect for you.

· Consider the screen size

If you carry your phone in a purse or a large pocket, then a phablet can work for you.navigation-1048294_640

A larger smartphone is ideal for so many things like watching videos, browsing the web and playing games because you can easily read or watch content as it fits well on the screen.

A major drawback of smartphones with large screens is bigger power demand.

On the other hand Smartphones with a smaller screen are portable and they consume less battery.

· Check the other sensors and connections you will need

There are so many other ways to connect other than using the mobile connections.

Knowing the sensors and connections that you will need and what they do helps you to decide which smartphone will work best for you.

The common ones are; NFC, Wi-Fi, Infrared, USB and Bluetooth.