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All About Coffee Makers And Espresso Machines – Features And Differences


When you are about to purchase your very first coffee maker, you will usually select an automatic or semi-automatic model. Before delving on what you should look for, it is best that you have a clear understanding and knowledge of these machines. You can achieve this by reading espresso machine reviews or coffee makers reviews that you will find on the Internet. These reviews will help you a lot in deciding which is the best home espresso machine.

Espresso machines are machines that can produce modern-day and authentic espresso and they are divided into four classes.

Manual Espresso Machines

These machines are referred as the lever type of espresso machines that can produce you the best espresso shots you will ever have tasted in your life. Lever espresso machines have revolutionized your coffee experience.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

The pump and temperature controls of this espresso machine are fully automated, and it also has activation switches for engaging and disengaging the pump. This feature makes the machine semi-automatic as you are the one to decide when you are going to turn on or off the pump.


Automatic Espresso Machines

This features a pump, temperature controls that are fully automatic for its boiler and water volumes are also automated and preset which you can select by simply pressing the button. This feature makes this automatic.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The super automatic espresso machine can do all the job such as grinding, dosing, tamping, brewing and ejecting spent puck by simply pressing the indicator button. You don’t have to worry much about getting your hands to work as the machine will do all the tricks for you.

The fifth kind of this machine is also present which is often mistakenly called as an espresso machine. A fifth type is a machine driven by steam which produces strong coffee instead of authentic espresso.

There are also three subclasses for every type of espresso machine in the automatic and semi-automatic categories. Below is a detailed discussion about them.

Dual Use Single Boiler Machines

This is the commonest type which you can buy below 1,000 dollars. It has two thermostats and a boiler inside. The temperature of the water is controlled by one thermostat for brewing the coffee. The other one is set at a higher temperature with the purpose of producing steam for milk steaming. By just simply pressing or flipping a button, it transitions from the first thermostat into the other.


Heat Exchanger Single Boiler Machines

You can buy this machine at over 1,000 dollars price point. The single big boiler controls the temperature of the water at 240 F or higher which is ideal for producing steam. The water which is brewed goes to its group head through the coiled tube within the boiler. After this process, the water heats up making the temperature ideal for brewing. You can brew and steam at once on this machine.

Double Boiler Machines

This is a quite expensive machine and has two independent boilers (Thermo block or a boiler), where one maintains the water at a temperature ideal for brewing, while the other boiler maintains the water at temperature for steaming. You can brew and steam at once in his machine.

At first, it seems that those machines with double boilers are very desirable, whether automatic or semi-automatic. But in some areas like North America, it is a big problem of not having enough power for the standard 110 volts, 15 amperes wall socket for efficiently running two boilers that are European specs-based. This is gradually changing, and lots of companies make great strides to create efficient and powerful machines with double boilers. Lots of coffee makers reviews will also tell you about this and the things you have to look for the best coffee makers.

The Coffee on Fleek


The business world is continuously evolving to accommodate various technological advancements. These improvements and merging of the business with technology give these enterprises a competitive edge. The internet, for instance, has revolutionized the world of business. Various business concepts have been developed with the aid of the web to provide convenient services to customers. The coffee on fleek is one of the best business ideas. It is fast becoming a popular business model.


What is Coffee on Fleek?

Coffee on fleek is a business model that aims to provide utmost convenience to coffee lovers. It is an online business designed to providing information and reviews on coffee matters. The market aims to make it easier for coffee lovers who are techno savvy in their search for various services.

Services offered

There are various services under this business model. Coffee on fleek gives coffee enthusiasts in-depth information and reviews on bbvvvdifferent espresso machines. This is meant to save the client’s time that would have been otherwise wasted conducting physical searches in stores.

The reports are accompanied by various buying guides on the different coffee machines. It is important to note that this business model has significantly focused on a particular kind of coffee brand, the espresso.


The espresso is a brand of coffee prepared by passing hot water through a concentrate of finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is thicker compared to other coffee brands. It is arguably the most famous coffee brand. This brand of coffee is distinctively prepared using particular espresso machines. Coffee on fleek has undertaken to provide information on the different machines.

Espresso machines

bnnnvvCoffee on fleek boasts of providing up to date information on the latest coffee machines to its savvy techno clients. It is meant to be a one-stop shop for all coffee lovers. Importantly, the business provides reviews on the machines depending on the categories specified. There are different types. These are home espresso machines, semi-automatic espresso machines, super automatic espresso machines, and commercial espresso machines. The site provides information on the specifics of the machines including pricing and availability.

Moreover, the site provides insights and reviews on the different brands of coffee machines. This enables coffee enthusiasts to narrow their scope of the search to recommended coffee machines. Hence, coffee lovers will always attain value for money by buying machines that have been endorsed by experts in the coffee business.

Coffee on Fleek is, therefore, a platform that provides in-depth evaluation on matters coffee, to coffee enthusiasts. It is a site meant to offer convenience to coffee lovers.

The Gaggia & Delonghi Espresso Machine Review


Espresso machines are used to make flavored and high-quality gourmet coffee. The “shots” are produced from finely ground coffee beans. There is a need to have a home espresso machine as it is economical and time-saving. Many brands of espresso machines exist, and their convolution ranges from simple to complex, with two main types being steam and pump driven machines.

The best espresso coffee making machines you will ever find in the market are Gaggia & Delonghi brands. The Gaggia & Delonghi Espresso machine reviews indeed testifies this fact. Before we focus on the two brands, let us go through the differences between semi-automatic and super-automatic espresso machines.

Different types

Semi-Automatic Espresso machine

They have both automated and manual steps, allowing the user to have a personal contribution to the final product without getting too involved in the tiresome steps in coffee making. They have automated water temperature and pressure, and one must manually turn it on and off. It lacks and inbuilt grinder thus one must fill it with already ground coffee.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

This provided automated steps in coffee making meaning that the only manual step is to fill it with coffee beans and turn it on. It has an nbbvsvgfgfinbuilt coffee grinder, self-water line and can lather and dish out milk automatically.

The different features above will help distinguish between Gaggia & amp and Delonghi espresso brands.


The Super Automatic brands include

  • Gaggia Platinum brands
  • Gaggia Titanium,
  • Gaggia New Baby Class D
  • Gaggia Unica
  • Gaggia Academia.

Semi-Automatic brands include

  • Gaggia New Baby
  • Gaggia Classic
  • Gaggia Espresso Pure
  • Gaggia RI9301/11 and 21

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine is the best home espresso machine, whose price is under 500 dollars. It can make high-quality espresso. It has a stainless steel body, high-voltage boiler, and own expansion valve and can make two espresso cups at a go. Its switches are easy to use and can also use coffee grounds and pods. It has a one-year warranty too.

Delonghi Espresso

jjhjhjffThe best that falls in this category is the EC155 15 Bar pump brand. It costs less than 100 dollars. It falls under the semi-automatic espresso machines. This espresso machine uses both pods and coffee grounds to produce coffee looking like that produced by the expensive espresso machine.

It has a jet frother, produces good shots with any coffee ground and easy to clean since it is made of plastic and has many removable parts. At the end of the day, it all depends on what type of expresso machine you are looking for.