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Learn More About Shaft Seals


Shaft seals are important devices used in mechanical components that have oscillating parts. These are rotating parts that have lubrication fluids, and the use of seals helps to prevent ingress of water and other debris. In general, the seals also contribute to improving the long-term performance of these components. In today’s industries, the use of shaft seals is vital.

Almost all machines that involve a rotating shaft use these seals to ensure that the lubricants in the bearings are maintained. If you opt for the best shaft seals and o ring, you will be able to keep your bearing safe from the dirt and dust. The good news is that most of these seals do not involve a lot of maintenance as long as they are well lubricated.


Radial and axial seals

These are the two main groups of shaft seals that exist. In the case of radial seals, they use sealing materials that come into contact with hghghghghghgthe shaft’s circumference. This can prevent any form of leakage that may occur in the both directions. As the shaft makes turns, the radial seal can sit immobile while in its housing.

On the other hand, axial seals consist of two parts, unlike the radial seals. They have a rotating part and a stationary part as the main components of the seal. Both the rotating and stationary parts consist of smooth faces that are held against each other tightly with a compressed spring.

One part is usually mounted on the end shaft to rotate with it. The other part of the seal is normally held in the end housing.

General maintenance of seals

bnbnbnbnbfdfdThe maintenance of shaft seals depends on the type of machines involved. For instance, if the machine involved is a simple electric motor, the seal will need little maintenance. Small motors and other machines may need no maintenance of the seals. This is because, in this type of machines, the purpose of the seal is only to retain the lubricant in the bearings.

Other than that, the seals only perform the role of preventing dirt and dust from accessing the bearing. If the shaft seals are used in other complicated machines such as vacuum pumps, a lot of maintenance and replacement is required for the seals.

This type of application cannot withstand any form of leaking from the seals. Also, heavy applications need best shaft seals that can withstand high pressure without causing leakage.