Factors to consider when choosing a torrent VPN


Like the case is with every other thing in life, there are factors to consider when selecting the best VPN for torrenting. There are many things to keep in mind. Thus, the ones discussed below are not exhaustive:

1. Speed and Network Quality

hjss87sajasThis is an important factor to consider when picking a torrent VPN. When seeking a VPN for intensive activities like downloading torrents or live streaming of videos, you ought to consider a VPN service that matches with your internet speed. In order to secure speed and quality, you may also consider a VPN provider that uses server clusters in a location other than those that use only one server. This way, you prevent unexpected disconnects.

2. Whether or not they allow Bit Torrent and p2ptraffic

This is a factor that can be easily forgotten, yet it is a crucial one. It is tragic to assume that all VPN providers allow torrents on their network. Apparently, not all VPN providers allow torrents on their networks. Unfortunately, many people looking out for VPN for torrents overlook this factor, with that assumption in mind. One needs to search and be sure that they are committing themselves to paying for the right VPN, especially if they want to use it for torrenting. The reason why some providers don’t allow torrents on their networks is simple: some p2p traffic brings extra strain to a VPN network and increased legal requirements. Thus, some VPN providers would rather just avoid torrenting.

3. Amount of Logs

hjs87sajhsaasasAs far as VPNs are concerned, the less the logs, the more the anonymity. When looking to use a VPN for torrents, one should consider that doesn’t keep logs. If you can’t get one that doesn’t keep logs at all, consider one that keeps as logs only for a short period of time. One that keeps logs for a period not more than seven days. The result of fewer logs is that the users of that VPN can remain anonymous online. No one can trace the websites they visited. If you use a VPN that keeps absolutely no logs, linking your computer to specific activities on the network is also not possible since they have deniability. This is however not a problem because, on the other hand, you have absolute anonymity!

4. Distance from the server and number of servers available

The farther away the server is from you, the slower your connection will be and vice versa. Therefore, the more servers a provider has, the greater the possibility that you will get one of their servers near you.